Welcome to the amazing world of Pure Imaginations with Gemma




Imaginative Play in Chelmsford

Pure Imaginations with Gemma is a brand-new imaginative play and learning centre in Chelmsford Essex. Beautifully designed so you and your little one can immerse yourselves in the magical adventure of imagination. We have a new theme each and every week with lots of delights to discover, all inside a perfect environment for learning through fun and play.

Play is fundamental for your child’s development, let alone loads of fun – which is the best way to learn.

Pure Imaginations with Gemma

What to expect

At Pure Imaginations with Gemma, you will have 1 hour of:

Inclusive imagination stations that inspire and nurtures your child’s learning, enabling your child to express themselves freely through pretend-play.

A huge variety of equipment to bring the theme to life such as:

    • Role play
    • Costumes
    • Theatre puppets
    • Soft play and climbing frames
    • Lights and musical instruments
    • Story dens
    • And so much more!

Pure Imaginations with Gemma

Baby & Toddler Classes In Chelmsford

We do not finish there! Near the end of your class, we will submerge ourselves in some fun and games, making sure your child has a complete learning experience. Playing as a group is a great way to engage your child, and enjoy some quality together time for you both.

There are 3 staged baby classes and toddler classes to book from:

    • Non-walkers
    • Walkers
    • Preschoolers

This allows children to play confidently at their stage of development. We believe in creating sessions based on your children’s ability rather then their age.

Each time your child progresses into the next stage the class will adapt to their new skills and goals. Meaning you can keep coming and never have the exact same session twice!

Pure Imaginations with Gemma

Meet the Team


Hi, I am Gemma the Founder and Creator of Pure Imaginations with Gemma. I have had the most amazing career with children, and I am so excited to continue with you through the magical world of Pure Imaginations with Gemma.

Some facts about me…

I won Newcomer of the Year 2009 at the national Nursery World Awards at Grosvenor House, due to my dedication and hard work in SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) and ENCO (Equality Named Coordinator) roles. I worked in the child development sector for ten years. I LOVED working closely with parents and children under 5, providing scientific information. I was (and still am) honoured to have been under the guidance of one of the leading scientists in neurological science who was able to teach me so much. I have created Pure Imaginations with Gemma, an imaginative play centre supporting children’s early education and development through play, after seeing how big an impact the COVID-19 pandemic on early Years children and their parents.


Silly facts about me…

  • I HATE Broccoli with a passion! I promise I will not tell your children.
  • I have a dog named Bumble
  • I got so excited to meet Mickey Mouse (at the age of 29) I squealed out loud when he waved hello.
  • I love to sing and dance whether people are watching or not.



Hi, my name is Laura and I am a mum of two boys. Before I was ‘mum’ I had a career in Insurance.  It sounds very boring but I actually loved it, so much so that I worked in the same field for 20 years. 

When I had my eldest son in 2015, I left my London life behind me I have not looked back since.  In 2018 we welcomed our second son.  Life is busy, challenging and rewarding.

I was thrilled when Gemma asked me to join her on her brand-new journey. 

Some (not so) interesting facts about me:

  1. I have a phobia of flying and once booked and paid for a holiday of a lifetime to South Africa and ended up leaving my partner at the airport to go alone as I just couldn’t face the flight! (we are still together!)
  2. A few years ago, whilst enjoying my Friday night cod and chips, I swallowed a fish bone, it wedged itself in my throat and I ended up having to go under general anaesthetic to get it removed!
  3. I love admin!!!